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Bangladesh’s Tourism Industry: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

  • Dr. Mohammad Shahidul Islam
  • 21st May, 2023 06:18:06 PM
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Bangladesh’s Tourism Industry: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

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Even though it has a rich history and beautiful landscapes, not nearly enough tourists have travelled to Bangladesh just yet. The people of Bangladesh are really hospitable. To promote tourism and hospitality across the country, the government of Bangladesh established a number of agencies, including the Bangladesh Tourism Board, the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation and the Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority. Each of these groups is essential to the growth of the tourism industry and has something special to offer the sector as a whole.

The Bangladesh Tourist Board (or BTB for short) is the government organisation in charge of marketing the tourism industry in Bangladesh. It offers a wide variety of services, including advertising, product development and infrastructure construction. In an effort to promote Bangladesh as a tourist destination, the Bangladesh Tourism Board (BTB) has launched a variety of distinct advertising campaigns. Not only that, but it also complements with other organisations from the public and private sectors to offer infrastructure for transport, housing and dining and other tourist-related activities. The BTB is also concerned with the development of innovative tourism attractions to satisfy the demands of today's daring adventurers.

Another government agency working to better and expand Bangladesh's tourist infrastructure is the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC).  It offers a wide range of services, from event organising to graphic design, transportation and catering. The BPC oversees hotels and motels all across the nation, provides transportation services to make travelling easier for visitors, and organises cultural and sporting events to raise the nation's status overseas.

By preserving a safe, effective and environment-friendly aviation industry, the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) is essential to increasing tourism in the nation. Its mandate includes the development of airports, operation of airlines and supervision of air traffic. The CAAB is responsible for the planning, construction, and maintenance of airports nationwide, as well as the oversight and regulation of airline operations and the administration of air traffic.

These groups must collaborate and pool their resources in order for the tourism industry in Bangladesh to attain its full potential. The BTB and the BPC can work together to develop innovative tourism offerings that meet the requirements of modern tourists. The BPC and CAAB can work together to streamline transportation for tourists, and the CAAB and BTB can boost air travel around the country. The private and public sectors need to work together if Bangladesh is to realise the full potential of its tourism business. Promotion of the business requires capitalising on the strengths of key factors, including the Bangladesh Tourism Board, the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, and the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. Doing so will allow Bangladesh to maximise revenue from tourists and boost its economy.

Marketing and promotion of tourism in Bangladesh fall under the purview of the Bangladesh Tourism Board (BTB). It also helps build things like hotels, railway stations and other tourist attractions. The BTB works on the creation of novel tourist services to meet the needs of today's consumers. The BTB is reportedly developing a new advertising campaign to promote the country's underappreciated treasures, such as its traditional handicrafts and regional food.

The Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) is in charge of arranging lodging and food for tourists. It runs motels and hotels all around the country and helps tourists get around using its transportation options. Cultural and athletic events are another way the BPC helps bring in tourists. The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) is crucial in boosting tourism in the country by maintaining a secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly aviation system, the mission is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of all flights in the country through the development and maintenance of airports, regulation and oversight of airline operations, and management of air traffic. Reportedly, the CAAB has been busy with a number of projects, including the building of new airports and the expansion of existing ones, all with the goal of bettering the country's aviation connectivity.

There is a need for collaboration between these groups because their respective responsibilities are integral to the success of Bangladesh's tourist sector as a whole. The BPC and the BTB can work together to develop innovative tourist offerings that meet the needs of today's travelers. The BPC and CAAB can collaborate to better serve tourists' mobility needs, and the CAAB and BTB can work together to increase domestic air travel options.

To successfully market Bangladesh as a tourist destination, however, these groups must overcome a number of obstacles. The widespread misconception that Bangladesh is unsafe is one major obstacle. Political unrest, natural calamities, and security worries are just a few of the problems that have kept tourists away. The BTB must devise a thorough plan to advertise Bangladesh as a secure and enjoyable vacation spot in order to alter this widespread misconception.

The country also struggles due to a lack of infrastructure that is tourist-friendly. Lack of investment in transportation, inadequate lodging, and other tourism-related infrastructure has hampered the expansion of the tourism industry. The BPC must work with both public and private sector actors to construct new hotels, motels, and resorts and improve transit choices.

Last but not least, cooperation between the governmental and commercial sectors is necessary if Bangladesh is to develop its tourism industry to its full potential. Bangladesh's Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh Tourist Board, and Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation all play major roles in promoting and strengthening the country's tourism industry. These organisations may be able to help Bangladesh's tourism industry attain its full potential and increase the country's economy by partnering and resolving existing issues.

(The writer is an Assistant Professor of Marketing, BRAC Business School, BRAC University)

Source: Sun Editorial