Tuesday, 30 May, 2023

Why Babita lives in Canada for some period of a year?

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  • 19th May, 2023 03:01:50 PM
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Why Babita lives in Canada for some period of a year?

Prominent actress Farida Akhtar Babita lives in Canada for a period of every year as her son settled in the country.

This year was not different for her. On May 15, she went to Canada to visit her son.

Talking over mobile, Babita said “My ticket was confirmed for May 15 when actor Farooq bhai died. I could not see him despite my wish. My flight was on the day. I felt him much in flight during journey. We acted together in many films. I pray for eternal peace of his soul. If there is no problem, I will stay in Canada this time for six months. From Canada, I can go to America to visit my brother. I hope to spend good time with my son. Everybody, please pray for me.”

Babita was not seen in silver screen for long time. She was last seen in a film titled ‘Putro Akhon Poishawala’. Later, the actress got proposal for films but could not agree as she did not like the stories of those films.