Thursday, 1 June, 2023

Equal education leads to better society

  • Mehreen Chowdhury
  • 14th May, 2023 08:19:15 PM
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Equal education leads to better society

Education is known to be the strongest when voices and diverse perspectives are being heard and shared around the community. It is vital that young people are given a space and safety to express themselves without feeling ashamed. The idea of special education is governed by the concept that education is for all. It is true that not everyone learns the same way hence teachers in institutions should examine how a child learns and what struggles they face regularly.

A system called SEN (special educational need) was developed to help individuals who needed it learn more effectively. Special needs that are not met are a problem in Bangladesh and other countries. More support is needed to guarantee that kids with SEN have the same learning opportunities as students without SEN. Due to hidden or neurodivergent difficulties, special education children may need instructional adaptations.

SEN children are entitled to thrive just like other children. They should get the opportunity to express themselves. People should be able to accept that it is okay for a child to be different, and it is okay too for a child to have a learning difficulty what is wrong is that people discriminate normal kids with special kids and make them feel less. They need to consider what help a child may need when it comes to education.

By focusing on attentive learning and incorporating hands-on activities and visual aids into their lessons, teachers can assist students with unique educational needs. To monitor the student's development, a specific mentor should be appointed. The students should undergo routine health examinations in schools, and there are programmes in the US and UK for the less poor. Schools have connections to professionals who can aid in the education of children with SEND, and teachers are skilled at assisting pupils who are having difficulty learning.

The most crucial information to take is that children with special needs frequently encounter discrimination, bullying, and social injustice. Parents should try to offer them emotional support as well as educate others about SEN and promote awareness of it. All schools and teachers should receive special education needs training, and colleges should include this topic in their curriculum. Using a variety of learning techniques, including read-and-write, kinaesthetic, auditory, and visual, teachers and parents can support their children's academic performance. SEN students often struggle with a variety of issues, including behavioural issues, physical challenges, emotional challenges, etc. SEN faces various new opportunities by addressing needs and marginalise educational needs.

 Those who are categorised of having learning difficulties was even worth of education. Students in mainstream school yet experience difficulties when it comes to having support at school. Obstacle to supply quality literacy is to overcome in the future. It is a challenge for SEN students to learn the same content without extra support. They will need more time and teachers and parents should be patient enough to encourage and motivate the child towards learning.

(The writer is HR executive and admission officer, RISE School)