Thursday, 1 June, 2023

Exhibition, film screening on Nuremberg Trials held at Russian Embassy

Exhibition, film screening on Nuremberg Trials held at Russian Embassy

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An exhibition ‘Nuremberg Trials: the view from Moscow’ and the film screening ‘Nuremberg’ were held at the Russian Embassy in Bangladesh in collaboration with the Russian House in Dhaka and with the informational data support of the Russian non-profit organization Alexander Pechersky Foundation.

By inaugurating the program Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the People's Republic of Bangladesh Alexander V. Mantytskiy noted that the trials over major Nazi war criminals began in Nuremberg, which went down in history as the Verdict of Nations, Russia being liberator of Europe from the Nazi plague and one of the originators of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

He reminded the Nuremberg Tribunal was held to bring a harsh but fair judgment to the Nazi criminals and also to promote a comprehensive assessment of the tragic lessons of the Second World War and the causes of the misanthropic ideology of Nazism.

The Russian diplomat stressed out that despite this, the ideology and practices of the Third Reich have been revived in several European countries, above all Ukraine and the Baltics, on a new, national-state, basis, and that’s why Russia will continue to vigorously and consistently oppose any attempts to falsify history, to glorify Nazi criminals and their henchmen, and to oppose the revision of the internationally recognized outcomes of World War II, including the Nuremberg rulings.

The event was attended by Bangladeshi dignitaries and prominent politicians, representatives of educational institutions and SAAB, students from various colleges and universities, Russian compatriots.