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Backlog of land-related lawsuits

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  • 26th April, 2023 10:12:49 PM
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Backlog of land-related lawsuits

It is astonishing to know that over three lakh land related lawsuits are pending with land survey tribunals across the country due to an inordinate delay in disposal of such disputes. Reportedly, the number of such cases is growing day by day while the number of courts to handle land disputes remains inadequate and land survey appeal tribunals are yet to be formed. In absence of appeal tribunal to quickly deal with the cases with land survey tribunals, many litigants have been filing writs with the higher courts, causing further delay in the disposal of the cases. The staggering backlog of cases is badly affecting people’s right to justice in due time.

Bangladesh has a history of unusual delay in justice delivery thanks to a host of factors. Shortage of courts, special tribunals, judges at various levels and inadequate manpower are generally blamed for the logjam of cases. Besides, a section of lawyers, litigants and police officials are also responsible, who get benefited as long as the cases are not settled.

It has been learnt that the process of land survey appeal tribunal is underway, and it is hoped that once the appeal tribunal is formed, it will pave the way for speedy disposal of the land-related disputes. Reportedly, the government is also reforming existing laws and regulations and introducing new ones to reduce the number of land-related lawsuits. Moreover, the government has taken steps to complete quickly and timely the e-mutation in land management, collection of land development tax online, and distribution of ledger and mouza map through the postal department.

Property related disputes are the single-largest source of litigation in the country. In absence of speedy dispensation of justice, clash and even murder over land is common, land mafias are evicting original owners from their land and the victims are not getting justice. Thus the social impact of the delay in the process of delivering justice is astounding. Therefore, it is hoped that the authorities concerned will take note of the matter and take necessary steps to promptly address land related disputes.

Source: Sun Editorial