Tuesday, 30 May, 2023

Gausia market found risky in terms of fire safety: survey

Gausia market found risky in terms of fire safety: survey

The Gausia market in the city is risky in terms of fire safety as a team of the Fire Service and Civil Defence conducted a survey at the market this morning.

"We conducted a survey at Gausia market to inspect its fire safety and we have identified the market as a risky for fire hazard" Deputy Assistant Director of the Fire Service Bazlur Rashid told reporters. 
The fire service has pointed out several hazardous conditions at Dhaka's Gausia Market during the inspection following a massive blaze that gutted the capital's Bangabazar Market.

The team of representatives from the Fire Service and Civil Defence, the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence, and the National Security Intelligence went to the market at 10 am today (Thursday). 

Bazlur Rashid said, "The market authorities were asked to form their own firefighting force, which has not yet been implemented." 

"This market has six stairways, but they are not clear. Electric wires are hanging everywhere. Also, the market was told to install an automatic fire alarm system, which hasn't been done yet," he added. 

Rajdhani Super Market in Tikatuli, Thatharibazar market, Chawkbazar markets, New Market were also identified as risky, Bazlur Rashid said adding many markets in Dhaka city are risky as these markets lack adequate fire safety measures.