Monday, 29 May, 2023

Europe's oldest chimp, Coco, reaches 58 years old

Zoo staff are celebrating the 58th birthday of Europe's old living chimpanzee.

Coco is one of a troop of 14 chimps living at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, where she arrived as a young ape in 1969.

Keepers said she had been part of important breeding programmes, giving birth to six infants who had themselves had 19 babies.

Staff said Coco was adored by zoo visitors and everyone who worked there.

She was given a range of tasty treats to mark her big day on Sunday.

Amanda Addison, animal team manager of great apes at the zoo, said: "Everybody absolutely adores Coco and we are extremely proud of her and everything she has done for her species.

"Since her arrival in 1969, Coco has been an important ambassador for her species - with six children, 19 grandchildren and three great grandchildren to date.

"We have been celebrating Coco's 58th birthday throughout the weekend and providing her with some of her favourite tasty treats to enjoy with the rest of the chimpanzee troop to mark the occasion."

Coco is 17 years older than the next oldest Twycross chimp Jambo, 41, and 42 years older than it youngest 16-year-old Tuli.

Chimpanzees are currently endangered in the wild, where they can live into their 60s.