Monday, 29 May, 2023

Precautions during online shopping

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 31st March, 2023 01:48:46 PM
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In a busy life, consumers prefer to buy products through online due to save money and time. As a result, online business now-a-days has become boom.

Although there has advantage to do online business, it has also disadvantage. Many consumers are being cheated day by day during online shopping. Sometimes it is seen that there are no similarities between online picture and real products.

To avoid the problem, consumers have to take following precautions-

Before buying the product, customers have to justify the website from where they will buy products.

Some websites need new account to enter the website. As a result, the website gets consumers details. Before justifying, do not open an account indiscriminately.

Some deceptive businessmen now-a-days copied everything of leading websites. They open the fake sites changing name and design slightly. So, before punching credit card or personal details, check it whether website address begins with ‘https’ or ‘http’. If there is seen ‘https’, it is secured.

Check company’s reputation before buying products. In this case, consumers can check review. If all reviews are positive, they can buy product from there.

Avoid buying offered product. It can be expired or fake products.

Before giving order through online, justify durability of the products such as clothes’ colour, quality, size, etc.

Sometimes there is no similarity between picture and real products. So, check the product which is given online.

Avoid giving advance money. It is better to give cash on delivery.

Check products during receiving buying items.

Never click on Fishing Links for various attractive offers given on Faceboook or online using private Wi-Fi. By using Wi-Fi, hackers can easily capture phone and get consumer details.