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6 ways to achieve work-life balance for better sleep and mental health

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  • 27th March, 2023 02:33:11 PM
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6 ways to achieve work-life balance for better sleep and mental health

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A balanced lifestyle is not just a luxury; it's essential for your mental health and well-being. Check out some helpful ways to maintain work-life balance for better mental health and sleep.

Meghna Karia, Senior Psychologist and Outreach Associate at Mpower shared different ways to have a work-life balance for better mental health and sleep:

1. Prioritize your health:

No matter how the day has been, be it a good day or a bad day, schedule an hour to work out or go for a brisk walk. The release of endorphins plays a significant role in elevating mood and contributes to good mental health.

Apart from physical health, addressing mental health concerns, the ability to resolve daily challenges and coping up with daily stressors also helps in achieving a sense of accomplishment.

2. Short intervals:

Taking short intervals at work throughout the day in between tasks also helps in better productivity. Taking short breaks helps to taper your stress levels and allows you to re-focus when you get back to the task.

3. Sleep:

 Adequate sleep is playing a vital role in helping you to have a stable mood and mind. Practice night rituals like warm or cold showers, staying away from the screen and reading up something inspirational and going off to bed at a fixed time every day will allow you to sleep well.

Reflect on how you feel when you wake up the next day. Reflect on whether you wake fresh, anxious, or happy which would help you to understand your mental health better.

4. Include social engagements:

Socializing to make memories and create happy moments also adds a lot of meaning and purpose to our life. Hence having a healthy bunch of friends, be it individual friends or a group is a necessity.

5. Nutrition:

Having a healthy relationship with food helps in staying satisfied.Hence taking supplements and good nutrition would help in having a healthy metabolic rate and thus keep you fit.

6. Hobbies:

 Have a hobby! It could be anything that’s creative like learning a new dance form, journaling, gardening, painting, cooking or baking.

Source: Hindustan Times