Sunday, 4 June, 2023

Europe migrant crisis: Dozens missing off Tunisian coast

At least 34 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa - including children and babies - are missing off the Tunisian coast after their boat capsized.

It is the fifth migrant boat to sink in two days, with seven people confirmed dead so far, and 67 still missing.

Authorities believe the boat was heading for Italy.

The Tunisian coast guard has reportedly stopped 56 boats from leaving the country, bound for Italy, in the past two days.

Houssem Jebabli from the Tunisian National Guard said that more than 3,000 migrants had been detained attempting to leave the country.

Tunisia has become a launch pad for migrants to leave, bound for Europe. United Nations data shows that at least 12,000 migrants who arrived in Italy this year left from Tunisia, compared to 1,300 in the same time period last year.