Friday, 9 June, 2023

Fatullah residents weary of routine gridlock on Dhaka-Narayanganj road

Fatullah residents weary of routine gridlock on Dhaka-Narayanganj road

Narayanganj - Traffic congestion on the old Dhaka-Narayanganj road from Chashara to Panchabati, Fatullah Bazar, and post office to Munshi Khola of Pagla has become a daily routine.

School and college students, as well as garment workers and professionals, are often stuck in traffic.

Owing to lack of proper monitoring from public representatives and top administration officials, it has become impossible to bring the traffic congestion under control. As a result, there is no end to passengers’ suffering from morning to night.

The reason for this traffic congestion, among others, is that buses pick up passengers by braking anywhere on either side of the road at Panchabati intersection; freight trucks load and unload at the entrance of the market adjacent to Fatullah Mosque, and the illegally built easybike stand in front of Shibu Market at Fatullah Post Office.

As a result, the traffic on this essential road remains gridlocked and passengers suffer for countless hours.

Another reason contributing to the traffic congestion is empty trucks being parked on the Dhaka-Narayanganj DND road. Apart from that, goods-laden trucks constantly face difficulty crossing the entry and exit points of Fatullah.

Despite having traffic police nearby, they are not performing their duties properly.

The road between BSCIC Gate2 to Panchabati is frequently congested. only because the truck drivers and auto rickshaws violate traffic laws, causing significant suffering for passengers. Even pedestrians face difficulty walking on footpaths.

Munshikhola, Taltala is the hub for the country's largest rod cements. From here bricks, cement and rods are supplied to north and south Bengal. Many of the regular commuters on this road said it is difficult to tell how they will travel during this holy month of Ramadan.

In addition to occupying the entire road, easybike-mishuk-buses-trucks are also parked on mud roads hampering movement of people.

The commuters admit that no driver of any vehicle, big or small, wants to obey the traffic rules.

In order to remove traffic congestion on this route, the common people strongly demanded increased community policing along with the traffic police. That can free parts of the road of traffic jams.

Specifically, commuters UNB spoke to blamed the drivers and helpers of two transport companies - Ananda and Borak Paribahan - for contributing to the traffic mess.

The residents of Fatullah demanded that drivers and helpers, owners' associations and labour leaders should be aware and united to ease the traffic congestion on the Dhaka-Narayanganj DND road and the administration and the traffic police have to be vigilant in solving this problem.