Saturday, 3 June, 2023

Broiler chicken price to be decreased by Tk 30-40 per kg: DG of DNCRP

Director General of Directorate of National Consumers Right Protection (DNCRP) AHM Shafiquzzaman on Thursday said the broiler chicken will be sold from the farms at Tk 190-195 per kg during the month of Ramadan.

Now it is expected that  broiler chicken price will come down by Tk 30-40 per kg at the consumers’ level during Ramadan, he said.

Shafiquzzaman disclosed this after a meeting with the traders and the farm owners at the conference room of DNCRP at Karwan Bazar on Thursday.

He said, “Discussion was held with Kazi, CP, Paragon, and Aftab farms’ representatives. We’ve reached a consensus about poultry chicken price. Currently, broiler chicken is now sold at Tk220-230 per kg from the farms. But the farm owners agreed to sell broiler chicken from the farms at Tk 190-195 per kg during Ramadan.”

The decision on reducing wholesale price will have an impact at consumers’ level, he said.