Monday, 20 March, 2023

Centro through textile talent hunt to increase innovativeness of textile and apparel industry

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 14th March, 2023 06:14:13 PM
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The necessity of innovation in Bangladesh textile and apparel industry is felt even more badly amid the current phase of difficult time while the industry is observing acute energy and gas price hike, Russia-Ukraine war, global inflation, order shortage, etc.

In this dire situation innovation can be the way to ensure survival and sustainability. Considering the affairs, Textile Today is heading towards 8th season of Textile Talent Hunt 2023-24 to uplift innovativeness all over the industry. 

In this countrywide competition at least 100 selected Transformation Leaders (TLs) will prepare there innovation projects through ‘Practically Tested Transformation Model’ (PTTM), which will surely boost innovation scopes in the industry.

On 13 March 2023 an MoU was signed between Bangladesh Textile Today and Centro Tex Ltd. for collaboration and joint activities for the 8th Season of Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) 2023-24. 

They will work together to make the event successful for the upcoming transformation of the industry through discovering the future Transformation Leaders. 

Tareq Amin, Founder and CEO, Bangladesh Textile Today and Nicolas Anton, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Centro Tex Ltd. signed the MoU respectively on behalf of the two organizations.

Sayedul Hassan, AGM, HR and AyshaFarjana, Senior Executive, HR fromCentro Tex Ltd. were present at the MoU signing ceremony where Amzad Hossain Monir, Head, Business Development; Md. EousupNovee, GM, HR & Strategy; AkhiAkter, Managing Editor fromTextile Today also attended.

Tareq Amin said that Bangladesh Textile Today has taken preparation to organize Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) 2023-24 to find out the Transformation Leaders (TLs) for the textile and apparel industry.

“It is a great occasion because we are signing with Centro Tex Ltd. for organizing the 8th season of Textile Talent Hunt 2023-24. The TTH event has been a phenomenal success in terms of increasing innovativeness in the Bangladesh textile and apparel industry. I believe the participation of Centro Tex in the TTH will widen the scope of it,” Tareq Amin said.

“In the 7th TTH season, we did 100 innovation projects – engaging 300 professionals and experts implementing innovations in the industry. The outcome is overwhelming and many of the innovation leaders are still successfully working in many companies and setting example for others through their outstanding leaderships.”

“In the 8th season, by taking the support of our partners like Centro Tex – we look forward to penetrating more into the textile and apparel industry and engaging more factories to solve more practical problems. We really want to drive this innovation journey deeper creating more impact, Tareq Amin concluded.