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Those who undermine....deserve death, warns Taliban minister against destabilizing govt

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  • 13th March, 2023 08:26:38 PM
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Those who undermine....deserve death, warns Taliban minister against destabilizing govt

Kabul, March 13: The acting Minister of Higher Education, Nida Mohammad Nadim on Sunday warned that whoever destabilizes the Islamic national "must be killed," reported Tolo News.

Warning of consequences for opposing the Taliban government, he said, "Those who undermine the government whether that is via tongue, pen or undermining in practice, all of are committing rebellion, all of them deserve death." He was addressing a graduation ceremony in Kandahar.

Nadim also said that they are ready to confront anyone who stands against the interim government, and he stressed that those who oppose the Islamic Emirate will be suppressed, reported Tolo News.

"If you are hard-headed and make problems for the people of Afghanistan based on strangers' agendas, then we are ready to confront you and we will suppress you," said Nadim.

Meanwhile, analysts called for negotiations as the best way to solve the current problems in the country.

"We want any issue that is being solved, even if it is war, to be solved through negotiations," said Shams Kamran, a social analyst.

Earlier, the Islamic Emirate's spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said if anyone complains about those in charge, they should do so discreetly.

The Taliban's return to power preceded a deepening humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, worsening issues that had long plagued the country.

Taliban banned women from attending university last December, nine months after the Islamist group barred girls from returning to secondary schools amid a brutal crackdown on women's rights since it seized power in 2021.

Grades 7-12 have been closed for girls and young women for more than 530 days, reported Tolo News.

Taliban also announced a ban on female NGO workers - prompting multiple major foreign aid groups to suspend their operations in the country.

Kabul residents said that education provides the basis for the progress of the country, and they asked the Taliban to reopen schools for girls.

"If they reopen schools and universities it will be a very good thing, and we will get rid of the need of others. We should have doctors and engineers and serve our country," said Janan, a resident of Kabul.

"We ask the Islamic Emirate to open schools for girls, and this is our only request and it will make everyone progress in the country," said Amir, another resident of Kabul. (ANI)