We’ve created a merciless Twitter mob: Sonu Nigam

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17th August, 2015 09:21:50 printer

We’ve created a merciless Twitter mob: Sonu Nigam

NEW DELHI: Under fire for his tweet on Radhe Maa on Saturday, where he compared the controversial godwoman with Goddess Kali, singer Sonu Nigam is now taking his trolls to task. In a new post on his official Facebook page on Monday, addressed to his "fellow Indians", the Mumbai-based singer wrote: "Over the years, we have created another kind of rowdy mob of hooligans, a Twitter Mob, that has no boundaries. That will mercilessly and pointlessly abuse and attack, you could be a senior actor, you could be someone's wife or mother. They don't care!"


In his typical style, Sonu starts the post saying he's "completely aware of the consequences", and adds: "I know that religious hypocrits go on offensive when they are cornered philosophically. Rational point of views , have always received brickbats initially before the wise of the society come together to empower it.”


He adds: “A country that worships Kaali maa, who's depicted in the least clothes, (and I've been ok all my life with it, so should everyone else be), has the galls to judge someone's spiritual quotient by his/her attire! A country that has a Mela called Kumbh, where thousands of Naked Naga Saadhus roam around; a country that has Digaambar Jains whi don't wear anything, for religious reasons, has issues with a woman merely wearing a short dress in her personal time! How does the number and length of clothes on a person define his or her Spiritual Quotient?”


Questioning the established norms, he asks: “We have issues with her dancing on songs, most dancers like Hema Malini, portray Durga ballet on stage regularly. So? Big Deal? If her devotees have no issues with it, why should we be bothered? They see their God in a dancing Guru, many others see their God's in a SAI Baba Idol, or a Shiva Idol!! What then is a difference between those terrorists who call everyone else who don't follow Islam as Kaafirs, and us? Where does religious freedom go?”


It seems the row surrounding Sonu Nigam’s statement is only going to escalate in coming days.