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How to unlock the secrets to healthy skin

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  • 9th March, 2023 10:52:24 AM
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How to unlock the secrets to healthy skin

To have healthy skin could also mean letting go of many age-old myths, deeper understanding of skin issues, and the importance of dermatologists.

Dr Gowri Kulkarni, Head of Medical Operations at MediBuddy, shared, “While they are cost-effective and easy to implement, they cannot cure severe issues like adult acne or trace the origin of the issue, such as hormonal imbalance.”

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle: While this is oft repeated but not implemented enough, a healthy lifestyle of nutritious and optimum food and water intake, regular exercise, along with top hygiene levels can reduce the skin concerns by large margin.

2. Consult a dermatologist: There is ample information available on the internet. However, the source is not always verified. Many of the articles have half-baked information or impractical suggestions. Therefore, an expert opinion of a dermatologist is of utmost importance. A regular visit to a dermatologist will not only help you solve an immediate concern but also identify an underlying issue which could prove to be dangerous. Finding the right dermatologist in your neighbourhood or even beyond is no longer a barrier considering the arrival of digital health consultation mode.

3. Quick Guide for Holi:

  • Use 30 SPF Sunscreen before Holi celebrations
  • Use organic colors and avoid any harsh or heavy on chemical products
  • Avoid facials or bleach before and after Holi celebrations
  • Moisturizer is a must
  • Don’t ignore lips and moisturise as post the celebrations one could have chapped lips

Source: Hindustan Times