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Poet Quazi Johirul Islam received prestigious Sri Chinmoy Peace Award

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  • 2nd March, 2023 03:59:51 PM
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Poet Quazi Johirul Islam received prestigious Sri Chinmoy Peace Award

In a festive atmosphere on 19 February evening at the Jewish Center in New York Bangladeshi poet Quazi Johirul Islam was awarded "Peace Run Torch Bearing Award" by the Sri Chinmoy Oneness Centre. The award was given to poet Quazi Johirul Islam for his significant contribution to the establishment of world peace through poetry. Including Carl Lewis, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 35th President of UNESCO Dr David Hampton, Billie Jean King, Prime Minister of Timor Lisette Dr Marie Al Kitty, Bangladeshi mountaineer Wasfia Nazreen several renowned peace envoys have won this international award earlier. Arpan D'Angelo, one of the organizers of the Peace Run, along with Professor Dr. Mahatapa Palit, Director of Oneness Heart Center, Chandika Kapalika, Executive Member of Sri Chinmoy Centre and Mr. Peterson, Coordinator of Sri Chinmoy Centre, Brazil, presented the peace torch to the poet. Dr. Palit read the citation. Grace Foundation, Quantum Foundation, Writer-Reader-Artists' Conference, Atmaik Jagaran Sabha and Brahmanbaria District Association also honoured the poet on the same day. On behalf of the organizations, eminent media personality Dima Nefertiti, Professor Imam Chowdhury, Lokman Hakim, artist Tanvir Tamal and HM Iqbal handed over crests, flowers, and gifts. They read out the citation on behalf of their respective organizations. At the beginning of the program organized on the poet's birthday, the documentary 'Icon of Time', written and directed by Dima Nefertiti, was shown on the multimedia projector. On the occasion of the 56th birthday of Quazi  Johirul Islam, Dhaka-based NS Publishers published a new book of poems "Fifty-six Thousand Square Miles" with 56 patriotic poems of the poet. On this day, the cover of the book was unwrapped. Unobangal President Mukti Johir delivered the welcome speech after the unveiling of the cover. Prominent people of the community greeted the poet with flowers. Listening to the poetry in the poet's voice was an extra gift for the audience. Nasima Akhter recited a poem written by the poet and Tanvir Tamal performed music dedicated to the poet.

After presenting the Peace Prize to the poet, the artists of Shri Chinmoy Centre felicitated him by performing congratulatory music. The speakers praised the poet's bravery and endurance in his voice on the evening. They said that the people who speak the truth openly and practice morality are gradually decreasing in our society. Poet Quazi Johirul Islam is one of those rare people. Poet and writer Quazi Johirul Islam is a versatile writer. He has an extraordinary ability to maintain his commitment and deliver on time. In his speech, Quazi Johirul Islam expressed his gratitude to the members of the Shri Chinmoy Center, who gave awards, honors, gifts, and to those who greeted him with flowers. "I try practice the truth because I believe truth can establish long-lasting peace” He explains the causes of oneness and the benefits of this practice. He said, "The world is a great vessel. We are all standing around this. What we produce put in this container and what we eat, we also eat from this. Now if most people in the world produce poison, the pot will be filled with poison. When I pick up the food from the pot and eat it, the poison will enter my stomach. We must do good work for our own sake. Everything comes back.”

The 3-hour joy-evening ended with the cutting of the birthday cake.