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Tips to prevent chronic kidney disease

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  • 1st March, 2023 02:36:56 PM
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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) or chronic kidney failure means a gradual loss of kidney function as our kidneys tend to filter wastes and excess fluids from the blood, which are then removed in our urine but if one is diagnosed with kidney disease then it will impact one's overall well-being.

According to Dr Bhavin Patel, Consultant Urologist at Zen Multispecialty Hospital, following are various measures to prevent chronic kidney disease (CKD)-

Don’t forget to go for regular check-ups: You will have to go for regular health check-ups and follow-ups on a regular basis with your treating doctor if you have greater chances of having kidney disease.

Check your blood pressure as suggested by the doctor: High blood pressure can take a toll on your kidneys and make you susceptible to kidney disease. If your blood pressure remains high, your doctor will prescribe you a medicine. Making simple changes to lifestyle, such as reducing salt intake and alcohol,

Keeping blood sugar levels in check: If you have diabetes, the best way to protect your kidneys is to keep the blood sugar levels in control. Take medication and manage blood sugar levels.

Exercise: This will help you keep a healthy weight, control blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower the risk of kidney disease.

Quit Smoking: Not only impacts the lungs but even the kidneys. Quitting smoking can be beneficial for the person.

Source: Hindustan Times