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Mahatab’s ‘Satchollisher Train’ hits book fair

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  • 25th February, 2023 06:25:25 PM
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Mahatab’s ‘Satchollisher Train’ hits book fair

In 1947, thousands of people, from different nooks and corners, cut their roots and crossed the newly created zero line. Millions of people have crossed the border line from the other side as well. There are many tragic stories hidden behind this transition. Mahatab Hossain, a promising fiction writer among his contemporaries, has written such a poignant story in his new novel ‘Satchollisher Train’. The story is so realistic that it can touch your heart.

During the British period all railway connections to Assam and North Bengal were through the eastern part of Bengal. Parbatipur railway junction is well known as the railway connection was established from Katihar in Bihar to Parbatipur in 1883.

With the partition of India, a large number of Indian Muslims (mainly Bihari Muslims) migrated to East Bengal and settled in Parbatipur and its surrounding area where they gained prominence as an influential community.
The author said that a family affected by the 1947 riots boarded a midnight train, the surviving woman of that family wants to return to her native land after many years. Incidentally, a young man living in Gulshan of Dhaka came forward. The story of the novel has taken many turns. At the crossroads of modernity, a piece of forty-seven flames can be seen through this book, which will give you a space of new thought and new dimension as well.

Mahatab Hossain thinks that readers can easily get into some difficult topics just by turning the page. It would not be difficult to understand, because he stressed on fluency in writing. The 112-page novel is available at Pavilion No. 10 of Anindya Prakash at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair.

The book is also available on all online platforms, including and