Friday, 31 March, 2023

JP to join next JS polls as per constitution

Main opposition Jatiya Party is taking preparations to participate in the next general election under the partisan government as per the provision of the constitution.

Meanwhile, opposition BNP has declared that they will not participate in the election under the government.

Now, BNP is carrying out all-out movement to realise its demands for resignation of the government and holding of the election under a non-party caretaker government.

“We are now taking preparations to contest 300 parliamentary seats in the next national election,” Jatiya Party chairman GM Quader, also deputy leader of the opposition in parliament, told the Daily Sun.

Jatiya Party chief patron Raushon Ershad has already declared that they will take part in the polls as per the provision of the constitution.

The Jatiya Party’s parliamentary party held an urgent meeting at their office in the Jatiya Sangsad on January 19 and took a decision to contest all 300 seats in the election.

JP insiders said although there is internal conflict between GM Quader and Raushon Ershad, they have agreed to join the polls under the partisan government. They both will nominate candidates for the polls.

Talking to the Daily Sun, Jatiya Party secretary general Mujibul Haque Chunnu said, “Our (Jatiya Party) stance is that we will participate in the next parliamentary election under the incumbent government as per provision of the constitution.”

He said no election can be held in a fair and neutral manner under a non-party administration, but a partisan government can hold a free and fair election if it has good intention and sincerity.

Mujibul Haque said they have started preparations to contest all the 300 parliamentary seats across the country.

“We have already selected around 100 suitable candidates to contest parliamentary seats. Now, we are looking for more candidates for other seats,” he said.

 The JP leader further said as part of their preparation for the polls, the party has also started strengthening the organisational activities.

“Our party has committees in 77 organising districts. We have asked to mandatorily complete formation of new full-fledged committees by June where the tenure of the committee has already expired,” he added.

Mujibul Haque further said ahead of the next national polls, they will place 15-point proposals to draw public support in their favour.

“We have assigned three leaders to make the proposals. We want a qualitative change in the ruling system. That’s why we will introduce provincial government; we will arrange election as per proportionate system; arrange employment, ensure proper health services and work oriented education,” he said.

Party sources said Jatiya Party has already asked some 50 candidates to work in their respective constituencies to contest the next general election.

“There are many distinguished personalities who are not getting opportunity to work for people. We’re hunting them to make our party candidates. We sent letters to around 50-60 possible candidates to work in their respective constituencies,” Chunnu said.

However, few central leaders said Jatiya Party led by GM Quader and Raushon Ershad does not want to take any decision beyond the ruling Awami League about the next parliamentary polls.

On the other hand, there are few leaders of the party who want to go against the ruling Awami League and want to boycott the next election, they added.

Party insiders said Jatiya Party will calculate its loss and benefits of following the Awami League and will try to bargain with the ruling party to ensure win of their maximum candidates in the polls.

The 11th parliamentary election was held on December 30 in 2018. Out of 300 seats, Awami League bagged 258 seats, Jatiya Party secured 22 seats and BNP got just five seats. Some other small political parties got the rest of the seats.

Earlier, Jatiya Party became the main opposition after the 2014 national election, which was boycotted by the BNP-led 20-party alliance.

Jatiya Party won 34 seats and its leader Raushan Ershad was recognised as the leader of the opposition. Three JP MPs were also inducted into that cabinet.

Meanwhile, party insiders said the internal conflict may be surfaced again between GM Quader and Raushon Ershad over seats sharing.

After the demise of HM Ershad on July 14, 2019, both Raushan and Quader were at loggerheads over who would become the Jatiya Party chairman and leader of the opposition.