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Imdad Haque’s Serbia travelogue unveiled

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  • 31st January, 2023 06:59:55 PM
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Imdad Haque’s Serbia travelogue unveiled

A travelogue titled ‘Serbia: Shuvro Shohorer Deshe’ authored by Imdad Haque, was unveiled in Dhaka at Foreign Service Academy on Tuesday (Jan 31).

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen was the chief guest of the event with former Principal Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office Ekushey Padak recipient poet Kamal Chowdhury was in the chair.

President of ACI Agro Business FH Ansari addressed the event while Bangla Academy Award winning writers Iktiyar Chowdhury and Sadhana Ahmed discussed the book. Mazharul Islam, chief executive of Anyaprokash, and writer Imdad Haque gave welcome speeches.

Addressing the event, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said that, lot of development is happening in Serbia and the country requires more workforces.

"Serbia is taking big development projects on the bank of the Danube River, creating lots of jobs for electricians and construction workers. The country also wants to hire workers.  People in Bangladesh need to go to India for a Serbian visa and that is a big hassle. Serbia, however, sent a consular team from Delhi to Dhaka and they issued about 3,500 visas for Bangladeshi. There are many job opportunities out there," he added.

Momen said there is a huge demand for Bangladeshi products in Serbia.

"Since there is no direct trade relation between Serbia and Bangladesh, people from this central European country buy Bangladeshi leather and garment products from Germany or Italy at higher prices. Process is underway to establish direct trade relations between both countries. The Serbian Foreign Minister will visit Bangladesh soon and these issues will be finalised during the trip," he said.

Writer Imdad Haque began his career in journalism. Currently, he is the Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This is Imdad Haque's second book. He got acquainted with a Serbian girl during a trip to various natural-historical sites in the country. It was not exactly a love or nothing less than a love. In this book, he discussed Serbia’s history, tradition, economy, agriculture, education system, sports, etc.

Imdad Haque started journalism while studying at Jahangirnagar University. His first book was 'Campus Reporting: Sangbadikorat Hatekhari'.  Both of his books are available at Rokomari.