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Hungarian PM vows to veto any potential EU sanctions on Russian nuclear industry

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  • 29th January, 2023 04:16:22 PM
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Hungarian PM vows to veto any potential EU sanctions on Russian nuclear industry

BUDAPEST, January 27. /TASS/. Hungary will veto any potential European Union sanctions against Russian nuclear entities and enterprises, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the Kossuth radio station on Friday.

"Brussels is drawing up plans for the new sanctions, with nuclear energy on the agenda," he said when speaking about the tenth sanctions package against Moscow being readied by the European Commission. In this regard he "expects a major fight, though the Hungarian government will impose a veto" if the EU attempts to introduce restrictions on Russia’s nuclear energy, the PM noted.

In 2022, "Hungary will lose 3,764 bln forints (around 10 bln euro - TASS) as a result of sanctions in the form of failed economic growth," he said, adding that "this almost equals the aggregate personal tax paid by all Hungarian citizens."

Orban confirmed that his government still favored the revision of the EU’s sanctions policy, relying on the opinion of its citizens reflected during national consultations in October-December of last year. During this specific survey, in which 1.4 mln people participated, 97% of respondents opposed sanctions.

"The national consultations clearly showed that the Hungarians did not want sanctions as they will not help Ukraine, will not bring Russia to its knees, but will only do serious harm to Europe and Hungary," the prime minister noted. The results of the national consultations will be of great help in discussions with the leadership of the EU and other countries, he said. "The Prime Minister will sit at the negotiating table in Brussels, and he will not be defeated. He will stand up for our national interests," Orban emphasized.