Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Gas leakage: Emphasis on awareness and publicity

  • Dr Samanta Lal Sen
  • 29th January, 2023 02:58:17 PM
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Fire incidents and casualty from it are widespread in the country due to lack of awareness and publicity.

To prevent any accident caused by gas leakage, everybody has to be cautious and awareness campaign is needed in this regard.

The government, in the meantime, has started building 100-bed burn units in five hospitals in the areas outside Dhaka including Chattogram to give fast treatment to burn patients.

Many burn patients living in remote areas cannot be admitted to burn units on time.

In the wake of the reason, the death risk increases. Even, some burn patients lose their limbs.

They require continuous treatment for two years. It needs teamwork treatment. As a result, reliance of burn patients on a single centre should decrease by decentralisation of treatment in various burn units.

The majority of burn injuries happen from gas leakage. To reduce the incidents, government, technicians who connect gas line and house owners have to monitor gas line regularly. Otherwise, the death rate will increase. There is no alternative to awareness in this regard.

Titas Gas authorities, house owners, political leaders, doctors and media workers have to build up awareness from their own perspectives to reduce burn incident.

The burn patients have to take part in awareness and publicity alongside receipt of treatment.  Besides, publicity and awareness need to be conducted through social media  across the country.

Dr Samanta Lal Sen is a Coordinator of Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery (SHNIBPS).