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3 arrested for trafficking Rohingya teens

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  • 25th January, 2023 10:14:11 PM
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3 arrested for trafficking Rohingya teens

Three people, including two women, have been arrested for attempting to send two Rohingya teens to Malaysia showing them as their children.

Immigration Police on Tuesday detained them from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport based on information provided by the National Security Intelligence (NSI).

During the drive, Airport Police Station has taken two Rohingya teens into their custody.

Three arrestees are Shaheen Akter, Tasnuva Zerin and Mohammad Tushar, while the two detainee teens are identified as Tushar Hossain and Tanisha Hossain.

Sources said three persons of the trafficking gang were arrested based following intelligence report around 10:00 am on Tuesday. They were trying to catch a Sri Lankan Airlines flight to go to Kuala Lumpur.

Officials of the Special Branch (SB) of the police on duty at the airport confirmed the information on Wednesday.

According to police, Shaheen Akhter managed to prepare birth certificates for two Rohingya teens using her own children’s identities. They made passports using that birth certificates also.

Later, based on intelligence information, they were detained from the immigration area of the airport and their passports and boarding passes were seized.

During interrogation, the arrested persons admitted their guilt.

Shaheen Akhter and Tasnuva Zerin are mother and daughter. Shaheen introduced the Rohingyas as her children, while Tasnuva called the boy and girl as her brother and sister.

And the gang member Mohammad Tushar was helping them in the tracking.

Three persons of the human trafficking gang were sent to court and two Rohingya teenagers kept at the airport police station with legal action underway.