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Land mutation must be hassle-free

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  • 25th January, 2023 05:27:16 PM
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Land mutation must be hassle-free

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Yesterday’s lead news of this daily states that the new land mutation system – taking permission of the District Commissioner (DC) for land registration and mutation – has started creating complexities in the purchase and sale of land due to bureaucratic complications, which is not desirable at all given the government’s doctrine of establishing a business-friendly environment in the country. The legislation has made the mutation process complicated instead of digitisation since taking permission from the respective DC for mutation is a complicated and time-consuming process, and hundreds of mutation applications have been pending for months, intensifying the sufferings of the service seekers. Despite valid land documents, service seekers have to face untold harassment. As a result, companies are reportedly turning their backs on the complexity of buying land and land registration. Consequently, the government is losing revenue. The law has actually turned out to be a barrier to the companies.

A survey conducted last year by Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) divulged graft along with inefficient bureaucracy as the key impediment to businesses, which is allegedly a major discouraging factor for the business entrepreneur. The government offers a range of facilities to improve the business environment and encourage private investments; however, bureaucratic complications and corruption remain serious impediments to investment and economic growth. While the government has established legislation to combat bribery, embezzlement, and other forms of corruption, some bureaucrats are making it a trap to harass people. If the situation continues, the country will not see industrial investments.

Though the country makes progress in improving the business environment, it is still not at a satisfactory level. But it is a must to support private investment that will create more jobs and foster sustainable economic growth in the country. Therefore, the government must either reform the policy or ensure good governance in the sector so that companies can buy appropriate lands as per their requirement without any hassle, which in return will promote the country’s industrialisation. Along with offering a business-friendly environment, if good governance is ensured it will not be difficult for the government to reach the target of investment in the private sector.

Source: Sun Editorial