Tuesday, 31 January, 2023

"Declaration of Independence has given the constitutional and legal basis to the liberation war" -Prof Harun-or-Rashid

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  • 24th January, 2023 08:32:55 PM
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Former Vice-Chancellor of the National University and prominent political scientist Professor Dr. Harun-or-Rashid said, "In continuation of the declaration of independence by the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 26, 1971, the declaration of independence on April 10 (Proclamation of Independence) gave the constitutional and legal basis to the liberation war of Bangladesh."

He said these words while addressing the chief guest at the closing ceremony of special teacher training on 'Emergence’s History of Independent Bangladesh' organized by Bangabandhu Liberation War Bangladesh Research Institute. The closing ceremony was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor of the National University Professor Dr.Md. Mashiur Rahman.

Bangabandhu Professorial Fellow of Heidelberg University, Germany,Dr.Haroon-or-Rashid said, "In the Declaration of Independence, it is said - Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh on March 26, 1971. Following this, the 'Proclamation of Independence' was announced. This is historical fact. BNP was not born at that time. Ziaur Rahman did not appear. This team was born in 1978. So where is the opportunity to give counter statements about the declaration of independence of Bangladesh? So the information inserted in the Declaration of Independence is the correct historical data. This one information is enough to know the history of how Bangladesh was created, under whose leadership it was created.

In the president's speech, the Vice-Chancellor of the National University, Professor Dr. Md. Mashiur Rahman said, "This university has a specific commitment. This institution is national. Its commitment to broadening education includes beloved homeland, separate identity, search for roots. At the same time building Bangladesh based on science and information technology. As through this we want to ensure separate self-identity. At the same time, I want to establish a progressive modern Bangladesh.

Sociologist Dr.Mashiur Rahman said, "We have limitations. We have a lot to not have. But we have the indomitable strength to carry on with what we have. We owe a great debt to the 30 lakh martyrs. Learning history means keeping self-esteem awake. Learning history is not just about exploring the past. To ensure proper development, it is essential to learn history.

Eminent legal experts Barrister M Amir-ul Islam, Barrister Tanya Amir, National University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr.Nizamuddin Ahmed, Registrar MollahMahfuz Al-Hossain. The program was conducted by the Dean (Acting) of Curriculum Development and Evaluation Center Professor Dr. Md. MoniruzzamanShaheen. Certificates and books were given to the trainees at the end of the program. 79 teachers from various government and private colleges affiliated to National University participated in the training. This training started last January 10th. This special teacher training program runs for 15 days. Barrister M Ameer-ul Islam and Barrister Tanya Ameer were present as resource persons on the concluding day of the training today.