Sunday, 29 January, 2023

Firoz Rashid appeals for accountability in road accidents

Responsible parties escape punishment, he laments

Firoz Rashid appeals for accountability in road accidents

Sangsad Bhaban- Jatiya Party MP Kazi Firoz Rashid on Monday came down heavily on the government for not taking any punitive actions to those involved in the road accidents.

"Many people are dying in road accidents every day. I don't know whether so many people die in road accidents anywhere else in the world. Family of the deceased person in a road accident gets destroyed. All hopes and aspirations of the deceased family disappear,” he said in Parliament standing on point of order.

He said that the owners of the buses involved in different road accidents are influential persons including police, politicians and powerful people.

“Nothing happens to any of them for their involvement in the road accidents,” he said.

Highlighting the news published in the newspaper about the road accident, he questioned who are the owners of these buses (involved in road accidents).

“Who owns it? Most of the buses are owned by police officers and we—who are doing politics. And those who are strong are sitting next to us. The chief whip of our party is sitting behind me. He can tell who owns these buses.”

Kazi Firoz Rashid said that Nothing happens to those buses.

“Buses ply on the road recklessly. There is no license for those buses and their drivers. No signal light. No one can say whether it will go to the right or to the left. We are yet to bring these drivers into the right path. We still could not educate them.”

He mentioned that The country is moving forward a lot.

“We will make smart Bangladesh. But what kind of smart Bangladesh we will build with this situation prevailing in the country.”

The JP MP said that the government has made a lot of improvements to the roads. 20 to 30 ton trucks run through these roads at night.

“But there is no one to oversee them. These trucks are allowed to enter the roads in exchange for bribes.”

He said that road accidents would not have taken place if the concerned authorities checked whether the bus and driver have a license or not, whether the vehicle is fit or not.