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Curtain falls on world's largest tech event CES, Walton's smart AI products get huge response

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  • 10th January, 2023 05:07:53 PM
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Curtain falls on world's largest tech event CES, Walton's smart AI products get huge response
Visitors thronged Walton Pavilion at the world's largest and most influential tech event 'CES 2023' held in Las Vegas of America.

The 'Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023' at Las Vegas in the United States was ended fulfilling the expectations of the global tech lovers. The world's largest and most influential tech event was held from January 5 to 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Like the previous shows, this year's CES also drew the global attention with latest innovations in consumer electronics, automobile industry and health care sector.

The CSE 2023 display was full of future generation's innovative products like wireless television, fold and roll smartphones, colour changing smart car, driverless car, robotic Dog-e, the future world vision's technology metaverse, smart home etc. AI (Artificial Intelligent) based various smart electronics and home appliances have gained importance in this show.   

At the CES 2023, electronics and tech giant Walton drew the attention of the global buyers and suppliers of the consumer technology. Walton's Pavilion 17928 at CES was beautifully decorated with wide ranges of sustainable AI based innovative smart products. Walton's smart refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, home and kitchen appliances, most silence and durable robust compressors, interactive display or educational board, laptops and smartphones with advanced features attracted the CES attendees.

Everyday of the four-day long CES 2023, a good number of visitors, entrepreneurs and businessmen from different countries of the world thronged Walton Pavilion, specially huge crowds were seen in the last two days- Saturday and Sunday.

Among the visitors and potential buyers were the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Liberia, Oman, Jordan, and Senegal. Walton finalized bilateral business negotiations with many business houses of those countries. At least, 150 businesses showed keen interest on importing Walton products from Bangladesh.

At the CES, Walton has finalized deal with a distributor in Ontario, Canada to supply hotel mode solutions which is going to be started by February-March next. In addition, Walton registered several final discussions with the businesses of different countries including the US to export air conditioners, interactive display or educational boards, laptop and kitchen appliances. Very soon, Walton products will be available for sale through one of the top online marketplaces of America.

Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC.'s Managing Director and CEO Golam Murshed said, "In the CES, we have highlighted our sustainable innovative technologies. Visitors, traders and entrepreneurs at the world's largest tech event have shown great interest in Walton's IoT-based eco-friendly products. We got huge response from the global buyers. CES will play a remarkable role in expanding our export market in various countries of the world including America, Canada and Europe."

Walton TV's Chief Business Officer and In-charge of Walton Pavilion at CES Engineer Mostafa Nahid Hossain said, "There are many steps to get potential buyers from an international fair. At CES, we had initial discussions with the representatives of potential buyers from around the world. Through further communication and discussion, they will place orders for sample products and then they place trial orders. After that a long-lasting business deal will be signed. It’s a continuous process. We had an incredible response to the first step of this process at CES."