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SUPERVOOC Charging: Explore the new world of fast charging and power

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  • 8th January, 2023 05:54:58 PM
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SUPERVOOC Charging: Explore the new world of fast charging and power

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A battery is a key component in a smartphone. Power means battery life and as innovation in mobile technology increases, battery life has been one key feature smartphone users look out for when making a buying decision. Nowadays, smartphone users seek potent devices that offer a strong battery along with other crucial features. OPPO A77s is an excellent example of a smartphone that incorporates advanced charging facility and offers fast power while keeping the style quotient intact by means of a functional design.

OPPO's new addition to its A series line-up – OPPO A77s, integrates 33W SUPERVOOC charging technology with advanced temperature control and hardware protection to ensure that the device is energized instantly and ready to roll. With a 5000mAh long-life battery, the smartphone will never run out of power. Within just 5 minutes, the device charges up to 11% and 28% in 15 minutes. In 31mins and 27s, the device can charge from 30% to 80%. Utilizing this robust power-packed device, OPPO users can enjoy all kinds of content continuously in a hassle-free manner. O fans can easily charge for 5 mins and talk for 2.98 hours! Through this technology, OPPO brings a worry-free life brought by this advanced charging technology.

Additionally, AI night charge protection avoids overcharging issues smartly. It schedules a segmented battery charging plan and allows you to sleep easily with anti-burnout protection. O fans no longer need to fear and can experience the safe charge right away! Combining the most optimized night charging and secure charging methods, OPPO A77s will cause zero delays for your day!

SUPERVOOC charging technology itself has gained much popularity in recent times owing to its massive convenience of charging speedily and safely. This technology holds the highest capacity of charging any battery from 0% to 50% in just 10 minutes. SUPERVOOC charging technology is ingrained in many other OPPO devices other than A77s. A77s also boasts numerous other exceptional features, such as OPPO's Glow Design Technology. The Glow Design Technology uses a glass mold that is selected from hundreds of prototypes to achieve the perfect balance of thickness and sparkling visual effect.

With a 'Stay with Style' philosophy, OPPO A77s features an extremely stylish and sleek body. The O fans will get the opportunity to choose a classic 'Starry Black' color or the enhanced luxury of the innovation via the starry night color option. So, users can enjoy the combination of eye-catching color and premium texture in or feel the power of the universe and stars in the captivating sparkle in black!

OPPO has always focused on bringing new technology to simplify the lives of its fans. The new OPPO A77s is yet another leap forward, highlighting OPPO's philosophy of "Inspiration Ahead." This philosophy encourages OPPO to remain resolved and graceful as it breaks all boundaries. Over the years, OPPO has heavily prioritized building stylish, premium phones with high utility value. This has led OPPO to convey a mutually inspirational spirit and communicate through technology and innovation.The brand is continuously bringing to the forefront that technology delivers a step-change to exemplify the dynamic and exhilarating experiences found only in innovation.SUPERVOOC charging technology in OPPO A77s is one such innovation that will inspire the users to always stay high on power to achieve whatever they want in life.