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Is it possible to explore Dubai on a budget?

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  • 24th December, 2022 02:00:54 AM
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The Burj Khalifa, opulent gold souks and limitless luxury - all elements which are abundant in Dubai, the city of gold. The destination in no way gives off the air of a budget holiday. Starting from accommodation to food and transport- everything seems to be priced well above average in the grand city. However, the attraction of Dubai is still unlike any other, making it the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates. But the budget should never stand in the way of the limitless traveler. To solve this problem, today the tips and tricks to visiting Dubai on a budget are discussed. 

Finding the best flight

The first step to any international destination is booking the flight. Flights from Bangladesh to Dubai are usually on the expensive side. However, the prices tend to fluctuate a lot depending on availability, time of travel and chosen airlines. Usually booking months in advance saves a lot of money. Moreover, airlines and booking platforms periodically give out substantial discounts on base airfare. At present, GoZayaan is offering special deals for this “Season of Travel”. Different discounts can be availed for different payment mediums. The 0% EMI option available on GoZayaan is also convenient for travelers on a budget. It allows them to pay in installments over a suitable period of time instead of a one time payment, bringing down the pressure of travel costs significantly. 

The Perfect Time for Travel

Dubai experiences hot weather more or less all year round. There is no particular season for traveling Dubai but the holiday season naturally encounters more traffic. Visiting outside of this season can result in finding additional discounts on hotels, tours and even restaurants. 
The best time to do this is within the months of summer. The streets are mostly tourist free during these months and travel costs are relatively cheaper.

Tips for Internal Transport

Public transport in Dubai is one of the best in the world in terms of service and cleanliness. This includes metro, bus, tram and water bus. The world class public transport can easily be accessed by tourists through the purchase of RTA cards. The price of this ranges from 6 to 25 AED and the validity is anywhere from 3-14 days.  The cost of public transport is significantly less than taxis. This will surely ensure the best service at the lowest possible expenditure. 

Foodie’s Heaven

Dubai is known as a “global city”. It’s a hub for tourists and business travelers alike for entertainment and economic purposes. This is why a vibrant multi national cuisine has developed centering around this city. Whether it's Arab, Indian, Thai or Chinese - everything can be found in Dubai. 

However, the exotic Dubai cuisine consists of some traditional favorites as well. This includes camel meat, Arabic coffee, chelo kebab, shish kebab, shawarma etc. Dubai exhibits a wide range of vegetarian cuisine as well including baba ganoush made from roasted eggplant and falafel made from ground chickpeas. Mahalabia and the cheesy kunafa are two mouth watering desserts available here. 

Food is generally expensive around tourist-heavy areas of Dubai. However, Bur Dubai and Deira are two of the older locales in Dubai. Various street foods within budget are available here.   

Explore the city

Dubai is well equipped to keep tourists entertained. But many of these attractions are quite costly. The historic souks of Dubai are a sight to behold if one wants to explore the city for free. Piles of colorful spices are displayed in the traditional spice souks. Perfume and gold souks are also prominent around the old towns. 

Dubai is also home to some of the most well maintained beaches in the world. Jumeirah, La mer, Kite beach are just a few of the beaches around the city. They are famous for clear white sands and spectacular azure waters. 

The main attraction of Dubai, of course, cannot be ignored. The Burj Khalifa stands 830 meters tall with 163 floors, making it the current tallest building in the world. Although there is an entry free, many visit downtown Dubai to catch a glimpse of the magnificent structure. The Bastakiya area is home to the Dubai museum or Grand Mosque. Many historic buildings of Dubai are also located in this area. 

It is often said, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. The perfect time to plan a budget tour to Dubai is now.