Sunday, 5 February, 2023

We don’t want this Bangladesh

  • Imdadul Haq Milan
  • 8th December, 2022 10:36:48 PM
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Bangladesh has made great strides in recent years. The country has gone a long way towards achieving tremendous socioeconomic development. The development work is continuing in the country. The country has reached a strong economic mileage. Even the wheel of economy was unfazed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The country did not face any major trouble. By and large, the people could lead a normal life with some exceptions. The country is working to resolve the problem of traffic jam. Law enforcers have successfully curbed militancy. The crimes like murder and violence against women and children were under control. The people were not affected by any rally or procession. We did not experience any political violence. The children could go to schools, colleges and universities without interruption. Business and economic activities were unaffected. Bangladesh has many success stories. Victories in cricket and SAFF games have introduced a golden chapter for the nation. Bangladesh has graduated to the status of a developing country. The country has emerged as a role model for the world. We got independence through a nine-month bloody war against Pakistan in 1971. The situation has changed. Now, Pakistanis dream of a developed country like Bangladesh.

The dream has come true as Bangladesh represents our expectation.

Unfortunately, the countrymen now see political violence and unrest. Some parties are causing public sufferings in the name of holding rallies and processions. They are contributing to serious traffic congestions. The people are affected by serious inflation and price spirals. Transport strikes are being enforced in various districts. Panic grips the public mind. The people are afraid of going out of home. The businessmen are subjected to a serious loss. The city-dwellers apprehend to be confined due to programmes of major political parties. The public life will be in peril. Day labourers will lose jobs. Academic activities will be hampered. Such violent programmes will cause losses of life and property. Economy will be crippled while development activities will come to a standstill. We do not want this Bangladesh.

The whole world was impressed with unprecedented development of Bangladesh. However, the latest incidents in Bangladesh have changed their impressions. The developed countries are worried about safety of their citizens here. Diplomats are anxious. Businessmen and industrialists are concerned. Arson, murder and adamancy of major political parties are pushing the country towards an uncertain future. The political violence and anarchy are playing with the fate of 17-18 crore people. We do not want this Bangladesh.

We expect a Bangladesh to live without tensions. We expect security of the people and their assets. We never expect an uncertainty of life to anyone. We demand assurance of safe return of our children to houses after outing.

The countrymen strongly support a stronger economic base of Bangladesh. Entrepreneurs will do business in safe environment. They should keep the mills and factories open for shake of the economy. We expect that the transport will move around seamlessly and the public security will be ensured completely.

The prices of essential commodities are going up gradually that should be brought down at a tolerable level of commoners. Bangladesh needs a good governance system which extracts corruption from every particle of the state machineries.

There will no unemployed persons. All will contribute to economy from their level best. Farmers keep harvesting with fresh minds. Poverty should be eliminated from a bottom line.

The homeless will get shelter. Valiant freedom fighters and their offspring will not wailing. Bangladesh will turn into a ‘Golden Bengal’ (prosperous country) which is dreamt forever.

Every people have rights to do politics. There are multi-stream politics across the world. Meeting and rally are remaining in political activities in every country.  People keep voice on rights and protest everywhere in the world. The inflammatory politics is rare abroad. The killings of people in name of politics are not frequently happening elsewhere in the world.

Bangladesh is now on track of a developing country. Despite the economic growth, we are yet to habituate with the politics with discipline and values. Why the capital is seeing flames and firing of bullets and teargas. The confrontations of political rallies make the daily live miserable.

Dhaka city has selected places – Paltan Maidan and Suhrawardy Udyan --- for political rallies. Why the selected places are ignored?  Let do the politics out of the city centre. The battleground of politics should be specified like Bishwa Ijtema ground in Tongi or other open spaces outside the town. Let ensure sound live for apolitical commoners. The politics will reach at best practice when it will bring wellbeing of the people and the country.

The countrymen never give mandate to any political party to do run destructive activities. Politics are not for ruin. We never expect such a (violent) Bangladesh. Let save the countrymen from the ruin of the politics. We expect a political harmony. We expect a Bangladesh which will be a matter of pride for us.

We want to advise youths to build a better Bangladesh, comparing the one we seen now. Let become an ideal person in life. We dream a Bangladesh where people build the country from their contribution from their level best. We never expect violence. We never expect such a Bangladesh.