Lionel Messi says he may become a midfielder


11th August, 2015 02:32:42 printer

Lionel Messi says he may become a midfielder

Lionel Messi Says he May Become a Midfielder

Argentine football icon and FC Barcelona captain Lionel Messi on Monday said he has got an out-and-out option of turning into a midfielder once his usefulness as the centrifugal force in the Spanish side’s attack diminishes.


“I am open to play in any position on the pitch if it helps the team. A lot of players drop deeper when they move into the later stages of their career, and that’s certainly an option for me, to become an out-and-out midfielder,” Messi was quoted as saying by


“I have played in midfield a lot already, and I cover a lot of ground there. I am happy to play as a forward, as a deep forward, in the middle. There are many players who have prolonged their careers by playing in a different place, where maybe you don’t rely on being so explosive all the time, on your speed.”


The four-time world footballer of the year also said that he has a soft spot for former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, under whom the Catalans won multiple European Champions League and La Liga titles.


Guardiola is currently in charge of German giants Bayern Munich.


“It is quite odd seeing him in the opposition dugout. Everyone knows what a great relationship that I have with him, and I will always be grateful for what he did for me, how he developed me as a player, the teams that he built. I will always wish him luck,” Messi said.


The 28-year-old, however, was quick to add that his warm feelings for Guardiola went for a toss as soon as Barcelona faced Bayern.


“But obviously, when you play against somebody, you freeze those personal feelings out for the duration of the game. It is all about winning, for me and him,” he said.