Tuesday, 31 January, 2023

Ukrainian refugees stage concert on cruise ship

Ukrainian refugees stage concert on cruise ship

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The theatre onboard the MS Ambition is usually used for entertaining tourists on summer cruises around the waters of northern Europe.

But since September the 1,750-capacity vessel has been docked on the River Clyde and home to families arriving in Scotland from war-torn Ukraine.

With hundreds of children on board, education and entertainment have been critical with the refugees quickly organising arts and activities for themselves.

On Saturday this culminated in a Christmas concert for the MS Ambition's residents with dancing, singing, poetry and gymnastics all on show.

Joyce Landry, of the Miami-based Landry and Kling Global Cruise Services firm, said the activities on the ship were also important for the adults.

She said: "By having the children feel happy and fulfilled, the parents are also happy.

"So they are out looking for jobs, looking for places to live and having the children be able to express themselves this way helps this entire process."

Arina, 15, read some poetry at the Christmas concert and also has some art she made displayed on board.

She said: "My poetry is about what I feel about all of this situation, and what I want to say to other people who maybe don't understand.

"This is my first experience of this sort of thing and I am very happy to be a part of this."