Monday, 6 February, 2023

North Korea hit with sanctions after ballistic missile tests

The US and its Asian allies have imposed sanctions on three North Korean senior officials associated with the country's recent missile tests.

Pyongyang launched a record number of ballistic missiles more than 60 - this year, and tested several intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Jon Il Ho, Yu Jin, and Kim Su Gil allegedly "played major roles" in developing the weapons.

Japan, South Korea, and the EU have also imposed sanctions.

North Korea has faced tough sanctions imposed by Western countries for years. Under these new sanctions, all US-based assets of the North Korean officials will be frozen. They will be barred from any transactions with any business or individual in the US.

"Today's actions have been taken in close coordination with the Republic of Korea and Japan and further align our policies with our EU partners on the global DPRK threat," a statement from the US State Department. said.