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Changes brought to CCP norms, administration to strengthen Xi's hold on China: Report

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  • 2nd December, 2022 12:04:48 PM
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Changes brought to CCP norms, administration to strengthen Xi's hold on China: Report

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Handed the country's administrative reins for a third straight term at the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Part y (CCP) ealier this year, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping is going about extending his grip on the people, including the minorities and the breakaway Taiwanese, and bringing the country togather around his twin objectives -- need for unity and strong emphasis on national security, the Inside Over reported.

Further, according to the report, changes have been brought to the structure of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in line with the Premier's 'dream'. At the last Politburo, the general secertary system was preferred over the party chairperson system, the Insider Over said, adding that the Central Politburo does not have a single women's representative and all members are considered to be close to Xi.

Further, according to the report, norms of the Premier retiring at 68 and of the ex-vice premier becoming the premier were tweaked to keep Xi in power. The changes have ensured that current vice premier Li Qiang has to hold his office for a while before be becomes Premier in March 2023, the report said.

Doubts on taking forward Xi's vision of unity have also cropped up in the wake of the ongoing civilian protests and riots against strict curbs and lockdowns across to check the spread of Covid-19.

The report further states that Xi's China dream also features the goal of reintegrating Taiwan with the Chinese mainland bloodlessly, through greater military pressure, cyber incursions into the breakaway territory, disinformation, imposing economic sanctions and taking other similar actions.


Source: ANI