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Tips to look great on wedding day

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  • 1st December, 2022 05:56:47 PM
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Tips to look great on wedding day

Getting married is an extremely special feeling. With the wedding date coming around, it can be a hectic time for the brides-to-be in deciding everything to add up to looking the best and feeling the best on the special day. And this stress makes many to-be brides either overeat or follow fad diets to lose weight, said wrote Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee.

The nutritionist further shared a few simple tips to follow to look and feel great on the wedding day:

Frequent meals: Small and frequent meals throughout the day helps in reducing blood sugar. It also helps in controlling stress. Ensure to include adequate number of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Vegetable juice: At least two glasses of vegetable juice, especially tomatoes, spinach and mint, helps in detoxifying the body and eliminating any kind of body odour.

Protein and calcium: The intake of the amount of protein and calcium in the diet should be watched. The nutritionist suggests that at least 40-45 grams of protein should be included in the diet.

Orange juice: Freshly squeezed orange juice helps in providing nourishment to skin and hair. It also helps in providing nutrients to the body that can be digested easily.

Refined food: Refined and fried food items should be completely avoided. In case of acne, a lot-fat diet should be followed.

Water intake: Keep the body hydrated with at least 2-3 litres a day. The expert also recommended drinking coconut water.

Source: Hindustan Times