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World celebrates Red Planet Day today!

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  • 28th November, 2022 03:44:41 PM
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World celebrates Red Planet Day today!

The World is celebrating Red Planet Day today.

The day commemorates the arrival on Mars of the first spaceship Mariner 4 on 28 November 1964, which gathered data and transmitted it to Earth.

 Mars is a planet which shares a number of Earth's properties such as its atmosphere (though it is quite thin, less than 1 percent that of Earth), its crust, containing many elements that exist in Earth's crust, and ice caps, which once were liquid, according to scientists.

All of these facts have prompted a lot of research into the possibility that the planet might have been inhabited in the past or could become habitable in the future.

On 5 November 2013, 🇮🇳India’s Mars orbiter Mangalyaan was launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and began orbiting the planet on 24 September 2014. The mission was meant to be a "technology demonstrator" to develop ways interplanetary missions might be enabled.


Source: Sputnik