Thursday, 2 February, 2023

US continues to build up military-biological capabilities - Russian Defense Ministry

The United States proceeds with the policy of building up its military and biological capabilities, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, said on Saturday ahead of the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention.

"I would like to point out that the United States continues to include the objectives of building up its military and biological capabilities in its doctrinal documents. For example, on October 18, the White House published a new strategy to counter biological threats that calls for $88 billion in funding, including $17 billion in the first year," he said.

Kirillov pointed out that another attempt by the US to interfere in the internal affairs of other states could be seen again. Under the strategy, "the actions to counter biological threats are supposed to be conducted regardless of the fact they occur on the US territory or abroad."

Military-biological activities of the US biolabs in Ukraine arouse concerns even among Washington’s closest allies, even though Western countries hindered voting on the UN Security Council resolution on an international investigation into biolabs, Kirillov said.

In October, Russia brought up the concerns of the BWC violations by Ukraine and the United States to the United Nations Security Council.

"Western nations actively hindered the Security Council decision on an international probe into the operations of US biolaboratories in Ukraine. The United States, France, and the United Kingdom voted against the document, while Russia and China voted in favor of it. Other nations, including India, Mexico, and Norway (NATO member), abstained from voting," Kirillov said.

According to Kirillov, despite the fact that the resolution failed to garner the required votes, and the Security Council did not trigger the investigative mechanism, "the voting results illustrate that the United States’ military-biological actions in Ukraine arouse concerns among even its closest friends."