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Mojo Football Fiesta Gaming Contest

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  • 27th November, 2022 01:34:44 PM
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Mojo Football Fiesta Gaming Contest

Mojo, one of the most popular soft drinks of Bangladesh, always communicates with the youth and has always been arranging many exciting online and offline contests to uplift the youth inside everyone.

The whole world is currently going through a football fever. To add to this football frenzy, Mojo has brought a very exciting gaming contest, “Mojo Football Fiesta”.

“Mojo Football Fiesta” is mainly a microsite-based game where people can score goals with freekicks. To play the game, one has to visit and register in the site with name and mobile number. After registration, the player has to choose the favorite team of choice from the given options to play this fun game. The game is divided in four rounds. The first round consists of three matches, the second round of quarter final has two matches, the semifinal in third round has one match, followed by the one final match in round four. One has to score maximum number of goals within a limited time period in shortest time to get place in the leaderboard. People who will score higher number of goals in the specified time will get higher points, which will increase their chance to be on the leaderboard. The top 10 on the leaderboard each week will get smart tv’s and bone conduction headphones. “Mojo Football Fiesta” will continue till December 18, 2022.

Mr. Maidul Islam, Head of Marketing, Akij Food & Beverage Ltd. said, “we have brought this fun game.

“Mojo Football Fiesta” so that people can have a fun experience besides watching the World Cup. All our contests are always very popular among our consumers. We hope that like all our other contests, “Mojo Football Fiesta” will be applauded by our consumers too.”

To know the names of the winners of the contest and for game details of “Mojo Football Fiesta”, visit Mojo’s official Facebook page f/mojomasti