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How to avoid sudden cardiac arrest in elderly

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  • 26th November, 2022 03:39:38 PM
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How to avoid sudden cardiac arrest in elderly

Elderly or people over 70 are more at risk of sudden cardiac arrest than the rest as one may have more chronic conditions like diabetes, high BP, smoking, previous heart attacks, weak heart.

According to studies, elderly individuals have lower resuscitation and survival rates than younger individuals after in-hospital cardiac arrest.

Staying active, eating healthy - food rich in fibre, devoid of saturated fats, added sugar and salt and high in whole grains can help keep your heart strong and healthy.

What to do in case of sudden cardiac arrest

The following can be done if you observe someone who is unconscious and not breathing normally, Dr. Nishith Chandra, Principal Director - Interventional Cardiology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla Road, New Delhi said.

  1. Contact emergency medical services If a phone is nearby and you can use it right away, call before starting CPR.
  2. Apply CPR. Quickly assess the individual's breathing. Start CPR if the person isn't breathing regularly. Attempt to compress the person's chest at a rate of 100–120 compressions per minute.
  3. If you have received CPR training, make sure the person can breathe by checking their airway after every 30 compressions.
  4. Just keep performing chest compressions if you are untrained. Let the chest expand.

Source: Hindustan Times