Saturday, 10 December, 2022

Music, passion, and powerful women: Launch of amplifyHER, an exciting new UN podcast

  • Diplomatic Correspondent
  • 24th November, 2022 04:34:03 PM
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On Thursday (Nov 24), the UN launched amplifyHER; a vibrant, music-filled podcast, celebrating exciting women artists from around the world.

Many women produce art in the face of, and sometimes inspired by, the challenges they face in society, whether related to insecurity, human rights, climate change, inequality, or simply because of their gender.

In amplifyHER, we will hear directly from some of the most exciting and talented women singers in the business, from teenage Thai rapper Milli, to EDM powerhouse Faouzia, and Emel, the voice of the Tunisian revolution, according to the UN News.

The series is a compelling mix of music, interviews, and natural sound, featuring inspiring women musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds, talking about their challenges as women in a male-dominated industry, how they’ve overcome barriers, and what drives them to continue creating music.

“Making this series was a joy,” says the amplifyHER presenter, Laura Quinoñes. “I was able to have conversations with these huge talents, who felt comfortable being vulnerable with me, speaking to me from their safe spaces: studios, kitchens, even their bedrooms!”

With help from music entertainment company SoundCloud, which is committed to supporting women artists, the UN team identified 10 women artists, representing a diverse range of countries and cultures

“One of the hardest things about making this series was coming up with the shortlist of artists,” says the series producer, Conor Lennon. “SoundCloud put together a great selection of immensely gifted musicians, and whittling them down to the 10 that we’ve chosen involved making some difficult decisions!”

amplifyHER is dedicated to women and girls everywhere, particularly to those whose dreams and aspirations are unfulfilled, due to discrimination and oppression.

“The empowerment of women and girls, and the achievement of gender equality, are central to the mission of the United Nations” says Melissa Fleming, the head of Global Communications at the UN.

“We hope that amplifyHER will help us to reach a new audience of young people, especially girls, and encourage them to find out more about the ways the UN is working to improve people’s lives”.

amplifyHER is a UN News production, supported by SoundCloud. The first episode is released Thursday, 24 November, on all major podcast platforms. Subsequent episodes will be released on a weekly basis.