Friday, 2 December, 2022

Kremlin spokesman hails G20’s final declaration as victory for common sense

The final declaration adopted at the recent G20 summit marks a victory for common sense as it managed to neutralize the West’s wild aggression and reach a compromise, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

The document, among other things, touches on different points of view on the Ukraine issue.

"It’s pretty much a victory for common sense," the Kremlin spokesman noted. "It showed that it is possible to contain the blind aggressiveness of the collective West and reach a compromise, otherwise, the G20 summit would have failed to adopt a final declaration for the first time in its history," Peskov said.

According to him, Russian diplomats, the Indonesian hosts and India, who will now take over the G20 presidency, as well as other foreign partners, deserve a lot of credit for the results achieved at the event. The Kremlin spokesman added that Moscow was generally quite positive about the declaration. "Indeed, it reflects a picture where there are different points of view, and that was very important for us," he noted.

The Russian presidential spokesman emphasized that work would continue on the G20 platform. "Everyone is interested in it. In fact, this platform probably follows the current global situation in the fullest possible way and can at least approach the most crucial and pressing issues," Peskov said.