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Indoor Plantation: Place of peace & happiness

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  • 16th November, 2022 03:30:03 PM
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Indoor Plantation: Place of peace & happiness

When we woke up in the morning, after our prayer whenever we looked at our indoor plants, it gives us mental soothing and inner peace. It creates blissful environment. In busy city like Dhaka there is a lack of space for proper gardening, moreover proper monitoring is required for plants growth; for example – saving plants from insects, ensuring proper nutrients –soil, sothis involves adequate time, money and other associated things related with this.

On the other hand, if we go for indoor plantation, we will have better output by investing less time and energy, very easy to maintain .We can keep the plants in the veranda, balcony, kitchen, bedroom, living room, corridors or simply besides our study table and office desk. This will enhance the look of our room.

Furthermore it will produce oxygen absorbing the toxins such as formaldehyde, nitogen oxide etc consequently generate harmony in the house thus excellent learning opportunity for kids. We can simply engage kids to plantation, watering the plants or other small basic help. That will enhance their skill. For Adults and young generation this could be outstanding source of recreation, refreshment or income.

Now A Days online platform is booming, so anyone can display their goods by opening a page- for commercial purpose, or simply a blog page. The more we get closed to nature; the nature will return double benefits to us.

Most common indoor plants in our country are Money plants, Aloe Vera, Anteroom, Peperomia, Lady Palm, Paddle Plant Areca Palm, Bromeliad Orchid, Caladium Plant, Calashes Pinstripe, Dracaena Golden Heart, Hanging Basket Plant, Hoya Flower Plant Orchids, Bonsai, Bamboo Layer, Phoenix Palm Plant, Ribbon Dracaena Yellow Plant, Royal Fern, Silver Queen, Spider Plant etc.

In terms of choosing plant’s pot this is absolutely based on one’s interest, choice, style, and budget. The most important thing is where we will keep our plant, the space measurement also obliged. First of all we need to figure out the space, how many plants we want to possess, like we can keep single type of plant, or we can go for various types of plants. We can select plastic pot, metal pot or ceramics pot- ceramic pot we can give artistic touch by using color, design, imagination of our thought. Whatever pot we choose we have to make sure there should be proper drainage hole system within the pot, moreover when we are watering the plant, the amount of water should be given carefully otherwise it will dirty the house. Need to moist the soil, but not wet. Ensure of proper sunlight, soil, air, nutrients-fertilizer, temperatures, and moisture is essential the proper plantation. Taking care of plant we don’t need any expensive thing or chemical which may harsh for the plant. We can simply use vinegar and water; by the help of nozzle spray we can clean the leaves of the plants or dump paper towel to remove dust. We can trim the dead cell and leaves if it is required. If more plant growth in one pot, then need to transfer the plant in another pot.

Basic few things are needed for indoor plantation like Plants, Seed, Hand Fork, Watering Can, Pot, Spray Bottle, fertilizers, Plant Stand, Pebbles, Soiletc. We have to make sure there should be lots of phosphorus ,nitrogen in the soil, so that will help to grow the plant ,for those nutrients  the leaves of plant will be green, The plant will grow naturally. Green color is good for our eye- sight. These types of plants, pots, plants maintaining tools – price range vary from 200-3500 Taka ( Approximately), which are largely available in the small or big nursery in every area like – Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Uttara, Sobjibagan, Gulshan, Agargaon, Banani ,Bashundhra R/A.  

Whatever plants we keep the house just need to make sure that the plants should be safe for kids, pets and for other family members. Need to check the soil or plant time to time, whether there is insects or not, any bacteria outbreak or not. Chemical should be kept out of the reach of the children.

So it can be said that indoor plantation is great source of stress relief, can divert our mind from any kind of pressure. It will also help us to show our creativity, improves our attention power; can involve kids to learn organizing things. The imaginative atmosphere we can construct by plantation in our house, surely it will differentiate us from other houses. It will have certainly positive impact in our house. Every house describe about You, Your Personality, Your Life-Style, Way of Living. Indoor Plantation can be one of the benchmarks of your temperament.

Writer: Silvia Akther, Entrepreneur & Program Presnter at Bangladesh Betar.