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Gold is the most trusted asset, last resort

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  • 4th November, 2022 08:05:31 PM
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Gold is the most trusted asset, last resort

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“All that glitters is not gold” is a beautiful metaphor to denote gold’s unparallel and highest position among precious metals.  

From time immemorial, gold has been featured as the most valuable metal. It is the most trusted and perennial mode of economic transaction.

The eye-catching colour of gold never fades away resulting in its ever-growing popularity and fiscal implications.

Reasons for preciousness of gold are as follows:

Gold rare

In the ancient age, gold was comparatively available.  Archeologists first detected gold in river water and stream. The gold, available after discovery of mines, is nevertheless rare. Creation of gold coincided with formation of the earth. Atomic number of gold is 79 having 79 protons, 79 electrons and 118 neutrons. Gold is only found in mine meaning man cannot produce it.

Creation of gold

Scientists have found spinning supernovae to be contributing to creation of gold in the cosmos. Initial star dusts and aerial objects turned into solid gold during making of solar system.

Gold attractive

Gold is the most attractive and coveted metal in the world. Therefore, people prefer it for making ornaments. In the ancient period, people used to adorn the places of worships with gold. The precious metal was a part of culture in the places ranging from Egypt to China.

Gold has no decay

Gold is the only metal which has no depreciation. The gold extracted at the rollout of the earth still persists. It is immune to oxygen reaction and stain.

Easily portable

Gold can be moulded into any shape and easily transportable. If a piece of gold is rendered little particles, its value will not decline.

Convenient to sale

Market of gold is always vibrant. It can be easily traded following high demand. India and China account for majority of gold customers.

Gold investment profitable

An analysis of 3,000 year history shows that gold investment is always profitable. Investing in gold, a man never became pauper.

Market of gold may fluctuate due to prices of dollar, geopolitical situation, supply and demand. But gold is never sold at throwaway price. So, investment in the sector is always reliable, profitable and risk-free.