Friday, 2 December, 2022

Science fair held at HURDCO Int’l School

Students make projects to produce green energy, maximise food production

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  • 3rd November, 2022 10:34:19 PM
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HURDCO International School organised the Annual Science Fair- 2022 in the capital on Thursday, showcasing various innovative projects done by its students. 

Students ranging from preschool to A level took part in the fair and exhibited their projects with great enthusiasm. 

The projects were done on resolving energy crisis, ensuring sustainable development, reducing global warming, mitigating impacts of environmental degradation, developing green energy, installing automated lights on streets, and maximizing production of rice, vegetables and fishes.

Dr Ishtiaque M Syed, a Professor of Physics at Dhaka University, was present at the inaugural ceremony of the fair as the chief guest while Principal of the school Dr M Jinnat Ali, among others, spoke at the function.

In welcome address, Principal Dr M Jinnat Ali supported scientific inventions displayed by the students while the chief guest Prof Ishtiaque M Syed instilled inquisitive youngsters with the innovations of science and technological advancements.

Terming research methodology basic right of every student, Jinnat Ali underscored need for adequate opportunity for learners to conduct research to apply academic knowledge to practical field. 

He suggested students to comprehend academic subjects well without memorising answers.

Prof Ishtiaque M Syed said students can know many things from televisions, Google and other sites due to scientific advancements.

He advised students to identify problems of the country, make research and invent solutions.

Citing example of energy crisis, he explained the ways as to how students can conduct research on alternative sources of power.

The Principal along with the chief guest and special guest visited the projects displayed in different classes.  Among the 170 projects at the fair, preschool students exhibited five projects while middle school 90 and high school students displayed 75 projects.  Learners engaged themselves in trials and finally came up with their successful experiments.  

The presentation of science by the learners overwhelmed the invitees who witnessed the exhibition and demonstration of the projects to the fullest. The students of the school also participated in a Science Olympiad focusing on textbooks.

Earlier, the school campus was adorned with colourful banners, balloons, posters to encourage young researchers to apply the blessings of science, but not to end.