Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

2022 Korean Film Festival to open on November 2 at the National Museum

  • Diplomatic Correspondent
  • 26th October, 2022 05:53:31 PM
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The three-day 2022 Korean Film Festival will begin on November 2 at the National Museum of Bangladesh.

 This year’s Korean Film Festival will feature five movies starting from “Escape from Mogadishu” on Wednesday (Nov 2) evening.

This film is based on a real event in the early 1990s in Somalia when South and North Korean embassy staff and their families made a joint perilous escape from the war-torn city.

Other movies include various genres of comedy, romance, action, history, and animation. “The Dude in Me” to be screened on November 3, is a romantic comedy, a story of a weak high school student who has been bullied by a mighty gangster and found their bodies accidentally exchanged.

Another movie also on November 3, “The Battle of Gangsari” is a story of the Korean War in September 1950 during the Incheon Landing Operation by General MacArthur. Without real military forces to spare 772 very young Korean student soldiers, barely trained, are sent to Jangsari Beach, where they face a heroic fate and discover the value of friendship.

On Friday (Nov 4) morning, “Underdog” is an animation depicting the story of deserted dog who find shelter with other deserted dogs in a slum being fed by a foreign worker.

The last film to be screened also on Friday afternoon (Nov 4), is “The Age of Shadows” which is set in the late 1920s during the Japanese colonial rule over Korea. This movie follows the cat-and-mouse game that unfolds between a group of Korean resistance fighters trying to bring explosives from Shanghai to destroy key Japanese facilities in Seoul and Japanese agents trying to stop them.

The Film Festival will open at 5pm pm on Wednesday (Nov 2) with State Minister of Cultural KM Khalid as chief guest. Ambassador Lee Jang-keun of the Republic of Korea will also deliver opening remarks.

Prior to the film screening, there will be a short K-pop performance by talented young Bangladeshi students. The Film Festival is free and open to all.