Monday, 28 November, 2022

Fox spotted outside downing street days after Larry the cat scared it away

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  • 26th October, 2022 03:35:03 PM
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Being “Chief Mouser” to the Cabinet's office, Larry the Downing Street cat has some important duties to perform. These include chasing off some uninvited guests loitering near the UK Prime Minister's official residence. Recently, a fox has been spotted walking past 10 Downing Street, drawing the attention of Larry the Cat.

“This guy again,” Larry the Cat reacted on Twitter to a photo of the fox outside the PM's residence.
Larry earlier got into a strife with a fox at Downing Street. In a video on Twitter, the cat is seen following the fox and chasing it off. “Fox off,” the Twitter handle of Larry the Cat wrote.

The cat's reaction, meanwhile, has elicited several responses from Twitter users.

As Larry warms up its claws to chase the fox once again, a user urged, “Please don't hurt him, Larry. He looks (if it is the same one as before) so scrawny and malnourished... Please be kind to him.” 

Source: NDTV