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Bangladesh-India Relations and Role of Daily Sun

  • Gautam Lahiri
  • 24th October, 2022 03:59:00 PM
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When people search for credible news sources, most often they mean publications and broadcasts that are fair, reliable, balanced, and authoritative and based on verifiable facts. This popular saying is appropriate when one discovers the role of Daily Sun working as a catalyst to promote and strengthen India-Bangladesh bilateral relation. It is no doubt that that the relationship reaches to a 'golden chapter' due to the pragmatic vision of   Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. But this cannot be denied that there are forces that are inimical to the deepening engagement between two growing economies of South Asia. Here comes the role of media. Without any bias to the fact Daily sun has projected the relationship in correct perspective belying all the propaganda of the negative forces.

If one compares the coverage of recent state visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Daily Sun gave a complete objective dynamics of the relationship without saying extra eulogistic words. People always find the take away from the visit and whether it has become fruitful for the common people and questions are asked whether life of the people will be benefitted or not. Ultimately success of diplomacy is to reap benefit for the people who are the basic backbone of the relationship.

Generally people have the tendency of getting facts from the news sources – printed or broadcasted. But if one sees the basic document of the dialogue then real picture of the relationship is best explained without any bias. For example, the Daily Sun perhaps the only newspaper which published full text of the joint statement after the bilateral talks between the Prime Ministers of the two countries. If anyone wants to understand the details of take away that is the best credible document on the visit. Without any comment Daily Sun has published the document for the understanding of the present relationship.

It was also noticed that Editorial team of Daily Sun has decided to publish the focal point of the statement in a front page news item. It is also no denying the fact that there is perception among a section of people that Bangladesh always loses the game while allowing Indian trade through their territory. It is also true that landlocked North Eastern states of India are getting transit access through Bangladesh. But during the visit of PM Hasina first time, India allows transit to Bangladesh to trade with third countries like Nepal, Bhutan and beyond. It is the Daily Sun that has flagged the issue of transit clearly, that not only India gives transit access to Bangladesh but it is also without transit fees. It is applicable to all kinds of trade activities through land, air and sea/river ports.

To clear the doubts among the people of Bangladesh, Daily Sun has come out with a strong Editorial very next day to explain the transit facilities. The headlines of the editorial speak the story as it said, "India's transit offer a boon to all" ( Here all means not only Bangladesh but Nepal and Bhutan too. The editorial says, "Enhanced land, air, sea connectivity can unleash the region's socio-economic growth potential. It is an area that offers enormous win-win opportunities for all relevant state level actors and their people."

One thing has to be mentioned that it was not a one-sided praise but at the same time with a dignified message reminds the stakeholder without mentioning the name of India that not only the economy but geographical proximity demands greater cooperation. Daily Sun while praising the achievement of the diplomacy at the same time reminds the unresolved issues with inherent latent powerful pen. Diplomatic journey has always passed through a bouncy road. It has its own dynamics. But the sensitivities of the issue hold a balanced view of the issue keeping in mind the relationship which is special in nature. The foundation of the relationship built by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and under the able leadership of his daughter Sheikh Hasina it started flowering. Daily Sun keeps reminding its readers however small it is. The fact remains that it is the realistic depictions of the relationship that make Daily Sun stands out among the crowd.

The writer is a senior Indian journalist

Source: Sun Editorial