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Tips for Travel this Winter

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  • 20th October, 2022 12:05:00 AM
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Tips for Travel this Winter

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October through January are generally considered the peak season of travel. With the festivities of the season slowly setting in, October is the perfect time to start travel plans for these months. Most people save their vacation days for the winter season so they can go on the holiday of their dreams. Today the many technicalities of planning the perfect tour are discussed to make travel planning simpler.

Due to the long 2 year hiatus, popularity of international travel is at its peak now. Many are preferring the beaches of Phuket or Krabi to the shores of Cox’s Bazar or Kuakata now. The most popular international destinations at the moment are India, Nepal, Thailand etc. For those who are willing to spend a bit more on their holiday Turkey and Maldives are the most desired destinations. The first concern while arranging one’s international travels is the flight. Flights have extremely volatile prices during this season and waiting just a few hours can result in highly increased flight prices. For this reason it's best to book flights in advance. However, flights are usually the most expensive part of one's travels. Many have to postpone or cancel their travel plans due to shortage of funds. A modern solution to budgeting issues is the 0% EMI service that provides the opportunity to enjoy services now and pay for them in installments over a suitable period of time. Currently the only online travel platform providing 0% EMI for flights in Bangladesh is GoZayaan. For worry free flying, travelers can choose GoZayaan to travel limitless.

The next step to planning one’s travels is choosing the perfect stay. Booking hotels from Bangladesh is becoming increasingly difficult in the digital age as the industry is still heavily offline dominated. Offline agents often provide very limited options when it comes to hotels. Most people choose to browse hotels online through foreign websites to get the whole picture of services offered by the hotel. However, there are many problems when it comes to actually booking through these websites. Firstly, they require a credit card with endorsed dollars to hold bookings. Even if one chooses to pay at the property, changing currencies twice increases the price significantly. To solve these issues, GoZayaan has on boarded a massive inventory of around 7,00,000 hotels, which is the largest in Bangladesh. The website provides an abundance of options, visibility for hotels and the opportunity to pay in local currency. Travelers can also use the 0% EMI service for this service.

Traveling abroad requires extensive planning and resources. For this reason many prefer to discover hidden gems within the country rather than cross international borders. Winter is the perfect time to visit some of the most beautiful tourist spots in the country. Saint Martin’s Island, the only coral island in the country, is open to visitors after an 8 months’ break. The mystical blue waters and white sands give the feel of Maldives right at home. Saint Martins is now more convenient than ever with cruise ships which travel from Cox’s to Saint Martins directly. There’s also cruises through Sundarban with all the latest amenities, making jungle watching comfortable and relaxing. Tanguar Haor, Sajek etc are also very popular due to the clear skies experienced during winter. To book a completely customizable tour for oneself, travelers can see GoZayaan. The website offers many tours with customizable services completely online.

Whether it's for work or relaxation, travel has become an unavoidable part of everyone's lives. Now is the perfect time to put these beautiful months of the season of travel to good use. The time for limitless travel is now.