Thursday, 1 December, 2022

Bangladesh wants Ukraine war to stop: Momen

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Tuesday said Bangladesh would be happy if there is any indication of "stopping the war or scopes for discussion" while adopting any resolution in the United Nations on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

“Our position is very specific and clear. We do not want any war. We want this war to be stopped. We want its resolution through consensus,” he told reporters describing the people’s sufferings due to the war and subsequent sanctions.

Momen said Bangladesh’s position is always in favour of people’s welfare and they have discussions among them, and a decision has been taken about voting for the next resolution.

He, however, said they would not share it with media beforehand whether it will be yes, no or abstention.

Momen said Bangladesh exercised voting very prudently and judiciously on the previous occasions and if there is any vote, Bangladesh will again exercise it prudently.

“Any resolution that may come, if they can give an indication of stopping the war or creates scope for discussion, then we will be happy,” he added.

As part of its ongoing emergency special session on Ukraine, the General Assembly met today to consider a draft resolution introduced by Ukraine that, if approved, would “condemn” the Russian Federation’s annexation of several territories in eastern Ukraine in late September, according to the UN.

“We have certain principles. We act as per those principles. We believe in the UN Charter. We have been a great supporter of the UN. The UN is proud of Bangladesh also,” Momen said.

He said any decision will be taken in line with Bangladesh’s interest and in accordance with the principles and values that Bangladesh follows.

Momen said Bangladesh wants to see multilateral organisations get stronger as during Covid-19 the world saw the needs of those organisations.

Responding to a question, he said the UK conveyed their position while Bangladesh shared its own position during a telephone conversation between Momen and his British counterpart on Monday.